Over the years We have acquired several product lines and have many new and previously produced kits available


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Over the years We have acquired several product lines and have many new and previously produced kits available.

On-Trak Models HO and O scale Vehicles

We recently acquired this companies line of products consisting of the Former HO and O scale Scale Structures limited and Walker Model Services Truck kits which consists of 20's vintage Kleiber, Mack, White, and Autocar trucks as well as  International KB-11 Trucks and More modern International Transtar trucks in several versions. Line also Includes Construction Machinery, Railcars and many white metal detail parts and freight car trucks in several scales. Working to get it all available as quickly as possible.   

On3 and On30 Former Thomas A. Yorke kits

We have recently acquired from Tom some of his formerly produced resin rolling stock kits. I assure you We are not buying His entire company so please do not throw out any bad rumors. We are currently developing this line of kits which includes the Dixie Crew Car, Ely-Thomas Camp Cars, Gable Bottom Dump Car, and several 18' cars. Those 18' cars being the Steel and Wood Box cars, Stock car, Flat car. Also the Heavy Duty Flat car with ramps. Our new versions of these kits will include all detail parts needed to finish the cars as well as trucks included. We will also be developing several other cars based on these which will all have a great backwoods or industrial flavor.   

Former American Model Builders kits

Now available are several kits previously produced by American Model Builders. These include the Skeleton Log Car, Disconnects, Shop Crane, and those cool Bates Bulldozers, Crawlers and Logging Arch.

Former Durango Press O scale kits

Most of the items from this Craftsman Kit We have had available for some time. Many have been upgraded to ease assembly. The majority of the kits in this line are wood and white metal construction, but now with some resin cast parts as well. Mostly Colorado prototype MOW equipment and several Freight Car trucks and detail parts.

National Motor Company Vehicle kits

Wiseman Model Services is now offering The National Motor Company line of HO 1/87 and O scale 1/48 vehicle kits. Kits include 14 different 1/48 O scale Model T's and 7 different  HO scale 1929 Packard kits. For more details and pictures of built up models visit our new On-line store and click on the National Motor company sections. 

V&T Shops kits
 Wiseman Model Services now owns the V&T Shops which We acquired from Dale Darney and His family. We will continue the tradition of Dale's many years of work and will be re-introducing the many kits in this line. There are HO, HOn3,On3, On30, S scale and Sn3 kits in this line. Over 120 kits in all. Bear with us as it will take a while to get them all available. See our On-line store listings . Many are available now!

Triangle Scale Models Sn3 Freight Car kits

We have had most of the items from this Craftsman Kit line available for some time.  Mostly Colorado prototype rolling stock and some logging kits as well. Many of these kits are being upgraded to ease in assembly. There are several kits and many freight car detail parts. 

Smoky Mountain Series kits

Wiseman Model Services now manufactures the The former Smoky Mountain Model Works O scale,On3,On30 and HOn3 narrow gauge kits and some of their details and structures. Smoky Mountain Model Works is still in business, but concentrating on S scale kits. All of these items are now listed in our On-line store.

Railway Engineering Agency

This company is also now a part of the Wiseman Model Services Line of kits. Several HO structure and Mining kits included Old Town Lighting, Mining Hoists and The Horseshoe Meadows Depot. Loads of neat white metal detail castings as well. Most of our future HO offerings will be offered under this brand name. 

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